The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining

A guide for the man who wants to become a better dinner host, this more-than-a-cookbook covers everything from sourcing produce and buying gear to making food look presentable and entertaining dinner guests.

Atlas Obscura

Designed for both wanderlust travelers and the vicarious shut-ins alike, this non-traditional travel book chronicles the weirdest places, festivals, and attractions available around the world.

The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders

Satiate your inner gearhead with this new hardcover, which shines a spotlight on the best custom cars in the world, exploring their handcrafted bodies, retuned engines, and bespoke parts in eye-popping detail.

How To Drive by Ben Collins

We know you can drive. But can you drive fast, while staying safe and being efficient the entire time? Written by a former Stig, Hollywood stunt driver, and LeMans racer, this book teaches you how to do just that.

A Burglar’s Guide to the City

Not your typical architecture book, this intriguing volume explores man-made structures from the point of view of someone looking to exploit it, detailing its role in heists, burglaries, and prison breaks over the last 2,000 years.

The Barber Book

Documenting the most popular men's hairstyles of the 20th century, this hardcover volume chronicles the personalities, trends, and events that influenced everything from afros to mohawks to the classic Madison Avenue look.

The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

Take a break from step-by-step carpentry tutorials with this latest book from Robert Penn, who cut down an ash tree, then documented his experiences with dozens of expert craftsmen who turned the erstwhile firewood material into beautiful, functional objects.

NFL Confidential Book

Written by an actual fourth year offensive lineman in the league, NFL Confidential offers a first-hand look at what really goes on behind the TV screen, sharing real stories from the field, the locker room, and beyond.

The 12 Bottle Bar Book

A guide to setting up a minimalist but versatile home bar, this book teaches you how to make the most out of 12 basic ingredients, allowing you to turn a dozen bottles into hundreds of fun and delicious cocktails.

The Rap Year Book

While you might not agree with all of author Shea Serrano's choices, you're bound to enjoy every single page of this fully-illustrated ode to rap music, which offers a year-to-year analysis of the most important songs of the genre.

Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold

Want to know what goes through the head of someone who climbs 1000-plus feet walls without harness, ropes, or safety equipment? Read professional climber Alex Honnold's memoir and find out.

Hunting: Legendary Rifles Book

Chronicling the most prized rifles among hunters and gun collectors, this book provides a genuine ode to arms, exploring hunting through the lens of the sporting equipment people use to subdue their game.

Artcade Book

Video games may not be high art, but to many men, they might as well be. Artcade treats them as such, presenting marquees from classic video games of yore than have been photographed, scanned, and digitally-restored to their original, child-hypnotizing glory.