The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining More than a cookbook, this guide covers everything from sourcing produce and buying gear to hosting dinner parties and opening a bar.


We enjoy eating out as much as the next guy, but doing that every night is neither good for the bank account nor gentle on the soul. The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining shows you how to bring the restaurant experience at home, coaching you not on just on food prep, but presentation, hosting, and a whole lot more.

Much more than a cookbook, this guide will teach you how to source the best kitchenware, so you can upgrade your tool kit to the same reliable gear professionals use. Of course, it comes with recipes from renowned chefs, too, along with signature dishes from Monocle’s own archives. It also offers lessons on finding the best produce, pairing meals with wine, and entertaining dinner guests, making it quite the comprehensive textbook for anyone interested in turning the dining room into an efficient watering hole, at least on occasion.

While great for any man looking to add “expert dinner host” to the list of skills in their back pocket, the Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining aims to be a useful resource to aspiring restaurateurs, too. As such, they throw in advice on everything, from publishing a cookbook and opening a bar to rolling out a chain restaurant and rescuing a forlorn vineyard to its former glory. And just in case you get tired of dining in, they also offer a global hit-list of must-visit restaurants all around the world.

Slated to come out November, The Monocle Guide to Drinking and Dining is priced at $60.

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