The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders Few people have the mettle to rebuild a car into something new. The reward, though, is worth it. Every page in this new hardcover should prove it.


People have been restoring, tuning, and erstwhile fiddling with automobiles for years. With unprecedented access to free information and a crazy amount of technology available more than ever, today’s custom builders have really begun to take things to the next level. Those cars they produce are the subject of Gestalten’s newest coffee table volume called, The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders.

Edited by Maximilian Funk and Robert Klanten, this full-color hardcover looks at some of the finest examples of custom cars of our modern times. Whether it’s a restored vintage designed for leisurely cruises, a high-performance racer that’s been tuned to peak performance, or a show car that does things cars aren’t supposed to do, this tome shines a spotlight on what the authors consider are the best of the best.


The Drive, of course, places much of its attention on the cars, exploring their handcrafted bodies, retuned engines, and custom parts in full-color photography. Over 400 pages, those photographs come accompanied with each individual vehicle’s specs and story, along with profiles of the people who got their hands dirty to complete each project and exclusive essays that celebrate the world of custom car culture. The cars featured are highly varied, from hot rods and lowriders to European sports cars and desert racers, with their builders coming from different parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.


Now available for preorder, The Drive: Custom Cars and Their Builders is priced at $51.