Hunting: Legendary Rifles Book This book provides a genuine ode to arms, exploring hunting through the lens of the prized rifles people use to subdue their game.


Whether you’re a gun aficionado or a lifelong hunter, we have a feeling you’re going to enjoy Hunting: Legendary Rifles. Chronicling the finest hunting rifles the world has seen, it offers a close and complete look at the stories behind each one, providing anyone interested with a thorough education that’s bound to get them itching to get back on the hunting trail.

Authored by French journalist Eric Joly, the hardcover handpicks the sporting equipment most prized by both hunters and collectors, detailing the process behind their creation and refinement, as well as relating accounts of their use in the wild. With stories that cover expeditions across various countries to anecdotal tales of individuals who have handled the rifles in the field, it’s one-part thorough guide to various models of guns and one-part vehicle for living vicariously through their experiences.


Over 228 pages, Hunting: Legendary Rifles provide a genuine ode to arms, exploring hunting through the lens of the sporting equipment people use to subdue their game. It puts the stories side by side with full-color pictures that illustrate the rifles’ place in both culture and society over the years. To complete everyone’s hunting rifle education, it includes a brand-by-brand catalog that details each gun’s specifications, complete with accompanying illustrations, so you can show up armed with knowledgeable-sounding words the next time you find yourself around outdoorsmen swapping tales of their favorite hunting adventures.


Published by Assouline, Hunting: Legendary Rifles is priced at $85.