Pioneer Ion Wallet

With a skin cut in 10XD ripstop fabric and a molded structure that never breaks down, Pioneer's extra-durable wallet can probably stay a part of your everyday carry for the rest of your days.

COOPH SD Card Holder Wallet

Aimed at photographers, drone users, and other folks who carry a stash of SD cards on a daily basis, this bifold wallet comes with dedicated SD card compartments, along with card slots and a section for your bills.

Salt x Aether Scout Sunglasses

An alternative to goggles and oversized wraparound sunglasses, these aviators use windshields and an extended top frame to block wind and sun while keeping you looking good, whether you're riding a motorcycle or grabbing a cup of joe.

Oakley Crossrange PRIZM

Equipped with interchangeable nose pads and temples, Oakley's versatile sunglasses can go from lifestyle to sport in a jiffy, allowing you to be sufficiently equipped for any activity while carrying just a single pair of shades.

MMT E-Strap

This watch strap replacement comes with activity sensors and a Bluetooth radio on the buckle, allowing it to track your steps, calories, and sleep like a fitness band, which it sends to the accompanying app.

Electric Road Glacier Sunglasses

Billed as Electric's "most innovative sunglasses ever," this erstwhile classic-looking wayfarer comes with two sets of swappable eye shields and temples, so it can double as a versatile pair of sports sunglasses.

Underhanded Super Gloves

With bold graphics emblazoned across it, Underhanded's winter gloves will give the most drab and boring cold weather outfits a much-needed flair, with a nice selection of patterns, colors, and prints for matching your tastes.

Felix Gray Computer Glasses

Designed to protect your eyes from the hazards of backlit displays, these glasses are a must-wear if you spend the bulk of your workday staring closely at monitors and tablets like most people in modern workplaces.

Martenero Edgemere Watch

Styled after vintage marine chronometers, Martenero's newest timepiece brings a nautical theme that looks as good in the city as it does while spending the weekend sailing or partying in a yacht.

Rheos Gear Eddies Floating Sunglasses

Designed for fishing, these sunglasses will keep sun, wind, and splashes away, all while staying right on the surface when you accidentally drop it in the water. Never lose a pair of sunglasses in the river again.