Artcade Book Video games may not be high art, but to many men, they might as well be. This landscape coffee table volume treats them as such.


Like most men, you grew up loving video games. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a millennial who grew up with a PS3, a thirtysomething who was born just early enough to experience the tail end of video arcades, or an older gentleman who remembers Atari like it was yesterday, those things leave a mark that cannot simply be shed. That said, you’re probably the type of person who can appreciate a book like Artcade.

If you remember arcade cabinets, then you remember the colorful art that adorned them. Spelling the game title in big, bold letters amidst graphics that elucidated what the game was about, they’re the images that enticed people to slip that coin in and sit down for a game, leaving one either hooked or wandering around to find something just a bit more fun.


Well, Artcade collects those beautiful marquees into a single volume, so you can relive the misspent days of your youth or gawk at the titles that ate all your teenage years, whichever the actual case may be. Every single one of the video game artworks featured were photographed from an actual marquee, which came as part of a collection acquired from a Hollywood props company. Since many have suffered damage over time, every piece was digitally restored to their original vibrant appearance to serve a as a testament to the beautiful art that accompanied the video games of yore.


Styled as a coffee table art book (landscape hardback form), each video game marquee is presented as a double-page spread in full color on the highest quality paper, so you can appreciate the art in its full glory. The book also includes interviews with noted video game artists, including Larry Day and the late Python Anghelo.

No pricing yet, but Artcade is listed as “coming soon.”