The 12 Bottle Bar Book This book teaches you how to make the most out of 12 basic ingredients, allowing you to turn a dozen bottles into hundreds of fun and delicious cocktails.


When stocking a home bar, you need to focus on a small amount of items that you can get a lot of mileage from, maximizing whatever space you have with supplies that can net you a whole load of ways to get drunk. If you’re not quite sure where to start, The 12 Bottle Bar should help you get up and running with the minimum amount of hassle.

Designed to help you build a home bar around 12 bottles of supplies, it allows you to focus on the important stuff, ditching the esoteric liquors and equipment in favor of simple but versatile essentials. Using just 12 bottles, it teaches you how to make over 200 types of mixes, so you can enjoy a varied selection of drinks without having to run up an unusually large liquor bill on your credit card statement.


The 12 Bottle Bar narrows its focus across the 416 pages to seven spirits, one liquer, two vermouths, and two styles of bitters, detailing how to use the abridged selection to fashion an impressive array of cocktails that include a whole load of classics, sours, toddies, slings, and highballs. To do that, though, they had to be very judicious, foregoing typical home bar staples like bourbon and tequila in favor of more versatile options. It provides detailed explanations for each choice, too, so you can learn what makes these 12 bottles particularly special, allowing you to absorb some useful lessons you should find indispensable the further down you go into mixology’s rabbit hole.

Available now, The 12 Bottle Bar is priced at $11.