Oyo Fitness DoubleFlex Black

This exercise equipment packs into a bundle that fits in a backpack's expandable side pocket, all while allowing you to perform a versatile range of exercises with up to 25 pounds of resistance.

Elysium Basis

Possibly the most credentialed age-defying product in the market, this supplement, borne out of MIT's Science of Aging Lab, targets the coenzymes and proteins responsible for cellular health to help you turn back the clock.

PowerDot Connected EMS

Unlike other electronic muscle stimulators, this one is controlled via an accompanying app, ensuring optimal and precise application, whether you use it for strength training, post-exercise recovery, or anything else.

Pullup & Dip Portable Gym

This portable gym equipment can be securely tied around any tree or pole, allowing you to set up a station for pullups, chinups, and dips, whether you're in the beach, the park, or the local backcountry.

RXBar Protein Bar

If you prefer protein bars that care as much about your health as you do, ditch the sugar-infested crap you've been munching on for years and pick up one of RXBar's all-natural flavors instead.

MostFit Core Hammer

A safer alternative to traditional sledgehammer workouts, MostFit's "sledgehammer" comes with a weighted rubber ball on the head, allowing it to bounce right off upon contact with any hard surface.

BeerYoga Yoga Classes

You love yoga. And you love beer. This modified style of hatha yoga from a certified instructor combines both, incorporating everyone's favorite alcoholic swill into every yoga pose imaginable to make yoga class just a bit more intoxicating.

ManDown Man Bag

Carrying sacks of sand at the construction site can give you as much of a workout as spending time in the gym. This bag lets you carry sacks of sand as your actual workout, with a configurable design that lets you adjust the amount of sand to change up the weight.

Halo Sport Neuropriming Headset

It may look like a regular pair of headphones, but this headset actually doubles as a neurostimulation tool that stimulates the motor cortex to increase motor unit recruitment and activate more muscle fibers during workouts.

Gripbell Wants To Improve Your Fitness Routine

Combining the grips of both dumbbells and kettlebells, this new weight training equipment lets you perform exercises that require either one, all while coming in a flat profile that allows it to be stacked for convenient storage.