How To Drive by Ben Collins Written by a former Stig, Hollywood stunt driver, and LeMans racer, this book teaches you how to drive smarter, safer, and... yes... faster.


Of course, you know how to drive. If you want to make the most of the time you spend behind the wheel, though, then it shouldn’t hurt to look for ways to improve your driving. That’s exactly what How to Drive hopes to impart.

We know, every shmuck with a car thinks he’s a good driver. Author Ben Collins, however, comes with the resume to back up all his talk. At one point, he played Stig in Top Gear, after all. He’s also raced in LeMans and NASCAR, apart from having worked as a stunt driver in huge Hollywood productions, like Batman and the last James Bond movie. So, yeah, he’s no schmuck.


Billed as the “ultimate guide to being best and safest driver you can be,” How to Drive discusses everything you should have learned from your driving lessons but probably didn’t, from road basics to advanced skills to managing tricky real-life scenarios. Whether you want to be more efficient on the road, get into fewer accidents, or simply want to learn how to make long, boring drives more fun, the wisdom in these pages should help you step up in those areas like never before.

Over 272 pages, the author takes you through a brief history of driving, reintroduces you to the basics, and gets down-and-dirty dishing out the finer points in real-life skills. From avoiding accidents and driving safely at night to driving in worst-case scenarios and getting started on stunt driving, this book gives you plenty of things to incorporate into your everyday driving toolbox.

Slated to come out in May, How to Drive is priced at $18.