NFL Confidential Book Written by an active NFL lineman, this frequently hilarious volume offers a first-hand look at what goes on in the league beyond the news headlines.


We don’t know how real the depiction of NFL players are in HBO’s Ballers, but their perceived lifestyle is something that most men have aspired to at some point in their lives. Realizing that aspiration, though, is reserved for the few, genetically-gifted athletes of every generation, leaving most of us on the couch content to watch the action night after night. NFL Confidential is a tell-all book about what really happens behind the scenes, giving fans and curious onlookers alike a first-hand glimpse at life in the National Football League.

Written by an active NFL player who disguises his identity under the pseudonym Johnny Anonymous, the book offers an honest take on life in pro football, sharing stories from the field, the locker room, and beyond. Curious about the kind of lifestyle NFL salaries afford their pro athletes? This book has it in glorious detail. How about the kind of torture the athletes put their body through to make weight? Yep, all here. From the amount of time players spend on Tinder to the prevailing racial attitudes in the league to how the NFL really deals with its players’ numerous issues against women, this book covers a great deal of shenanigans from someone who actually saw things without filter.

NFL Confidential is a hardcover volume spanning 256 pages that covers events from the 2014-2015 season. All the stories are recounted by the anonymous author, a fourth year NFL backup player who found himself getting playing time after a starting offensive lineman in the team succumbed to injury. Oh yeah, the author confesses to hating football, doing it strictly for the “damn good” salary that, according to him, isn’t that rare of a reason for someone to be in the league, estimating that 30 percent of players probably play the sport for that reason alone.

Available now, NFL Confidential is priced at $18.38.