Haven Tent

Hammock tents are great, as they give you safe shelter in the outdoors that’s elevated from the cold ground and all the bugs crawling in it. Problem is, mos... Read More...

DMOS Delta Shovel

We’re big fans of DMOS’ snow shovels, which combine a collapsible design with uniquely-shaped blades that let them break and scoop up ice with great efficie... Read More...

North Sails Typhoon Jacket

Sporting the same advanced materials as their cutting-edge sails, North Sails' waterproof, breathable, and hardwearing jacket can handle the roughest weather you'll experience in the ocean.

Crescent Moon All-Foam Snowshoes

Crescent Moon's upcoming snowshoes have a rocker-style body and lug treads cut in EVA foam, making them a whole lot lighter than any aluminum, plastic, or composite winter footwear in the market.

Vasque Lost 40 Winter Hiking Boots

Tested against the unforgiving winters of North Minnesota, Vasque's newest boots will let you hit the trails in the thick of inclement weather, ensuring you can hike in comfort, regardless of what snow season brings.

Patagonia Hybrid Sleeping Bag

Designed for alpine climbs, Patagonia's unusual sleeping bag combines an insulated lower half with a windproof upper shell that you use with a puffy jacket, so you can pack light while still enjoying comfortable sleep.

Alpine ICE Cooler and Speaker

More than chilling up to 72 cans of your favorite suds, this 56-quart cooler integrates a 90-watt two-channel speaker in its body, ready to pump tunes at your next tailgate or backyard party.

Klymit Hammock V

Sized and patterned to fit on the bed of all hammocks, this V-shaped, no-slip inflatable pad reinforces your hanging sack with ultra-firm back support, allowing you to sleep comfortably in one the whole night through.

Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava

Designed for the harsh, cold days of winter, this balaclava comes with a magnetic snap-on mask that you can easily remove to free up your mouth without having to mess with the rest of your headwear.