Subtech Drybag 3 Billed as “the world’s most extreme dry bag,” this backpack can survive depths of up to 165 feet while floating even when full.

We’re big fans of Subtech and their hardcore dry bags, which can float while carrying heavy loads, all while submerging to insane depths without getting your gear wet when necessary. Suffice to say, they’re your best chance of protecting your gear when spending time in and around the water. The Subtech Drybag 3 updates those bags for even better performance.

Billed as “the world’s most extreme dry bag,” this third-generation line brings the same vaunted submersible performance as its predecessors, all while adding impact protection that will protect your gear from knocks and bumps. Whether you’re exploring waters on a SUP, angling on a boat in deep waters, or doing marine photography, this thing offers the best way of storing your gear.

The Subtech Drybag 3 retains the ridiculous waterproof rating of its predecessor, as it’s able to keep water out even at depths of up to 165 feet, with the combination of the impenetrable shell and airtight zippers. Seriously, you can dive with this thing and keep any gear inside completely dry, as the zippers are fully tested to withstand up to 7 psi of pressure. Not only that, it’s designed to float on the water, so you can drop this in the middle of the ocean when you’re doing a dive, so you can get quick access to your gear by simply coming up to the surface. According to the outfit, not only can it float when fully packed, it can even float with a grown adult sitting on top. That’s right, you can use this bag as an over-engineered float when your boat capsizes and you’re waiting for help.

Construction is an improved hypolon material that, the outfit claims, is the same material used by the Special Forces for their boats, making it extremely durable. If that’s not enough protection for your sensitive gear, they offer an optional inflatable cover that lines the interior of the bag, providing 360-degree shockproof protection for all of its contents. So yeah… this will protect your bag both in and out of the water.

The Subtech Drybag 3 comes in two sizes: 100L and 55L. Both bags come with plenty of details, such as detachable backpack straps and magnetic handles for versatile carrying options, along with a detachable aluminum alloy waist belt and sternum strap for those times you’re packing it with heavy loads. There’s also a safety button on the main zipper that you’ll have to press when opening, eliminating the chances of the zipper accidentally moving when you’re engaged in vigorous activity or when a mischievous dolphin decides to open your zipper while you’re underwater. Or something. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be approved as carry-on luggage, provided you take off all the removable straps.

While the main chamber for both bags is just one single large space, they do offer an optional insert that adds dividers for better organizing your stuff. If you order both sizes, they also offer an optional 90L tote bag that’s made using the same materials.

The Subtech Drybag 3 is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €249.

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