Victorinox For Hodinkee Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife Designed for watch enthusiasts, this multi-tool comes with a case blade for prying off snap-in case backs and tweezers for picking up small watch parts.


The best multi-tools are always the ones that allow you to do the tasks you frequently perform on the road. Sometimes, that’s loosening and tightening screws. Other times, that’s splitting rope, writing down notes, and a million other possible things. If you find yourself frequently messing around with watches, you’ll definitely appreciate the Victorinox for Hodinkee Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife.

No, it’s not quite an all-in-one watch tool that you can use to replace links, switch watch bands, and open the watch case to get access to its internals. Instead, it’s a tool to help you quickly open snap-on watch cases, whether you want to replace the battery, verify the authenticity of the movement, or just to mess around with the hundreds of tiny parts because it amuses you.


The Victorinox for Hodinkee Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife comes with two blades: one is a standard knife blade for your everyday cutting duties and the other is a case blade that makes prying the back off snap-on watch cases a straightforward affair. The knife blade measures just slightly over two inches, while the case blade measures about an inch, with a curved shape that, the outfit claims, will allow it to open the most stubborn case backs. Both blades flip out from the three inch handle, which should provide plenty of leverage, whether you’re prying off the case back from a Rolex Stealth Submariner, cutting off the tag from a new watch you bought, or opening the package for watch parts you ordered online.

Aside from the two blades, the multi-tool also comes with pull-out tweezers, which you can use to pick up all the small parts inside the watch, in the event that you will need to make any replacements. We know, you’ll need some actual horological knowledge if you’re going to fiddle with a mechanism’s intricate movements, but if you do, those tweezers will prove to be an incredibly useful tool. Oh yeah, it also includes a toothpick, just in case you need to pry some dirt off the nooks and crannies of your watches (or bits of food from your mouth).


Sadly, the Victorinox for Hodinkee Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife doesn’t come with an integrated spring bar tool, which means the darn thing won’t be useful when all you want to do is put on a dressier band for tonight’s dinner, add links so the watch can fit your big manly wrist, and slap on a NATO strap for a more rugged style. Yes, you’ll need to bring along a separate tool for that, which kind of dampens the do-it-all ethos Swiss Army Knives are known for.


When closed, it looks like any Swiss Army Knife multi-tool, with red scales covering the frame and the Victorinox logo on one side. Except, this time around, the other side is labeled with “HODINKEE,” indicating the special collaboration that brought this product to life. All the blades are made from stainless steel, while the scales are cut in ABS plastic.

The Victorinox for Hodinkee Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife is available now, priced at $29.

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