National Luna Legacy Portable Fridge/Freezers These all-metal portable fridges come with new compressors that are designed to shrug off the hazards of off-road travel.


A big cooler with lots of ice is enough to keep your food fresh and your refreshments cold for a few days of adventuring outdoors. If you want to go much longer than that, though, you’re going to want to find something else to cool stuff in the camper. Something like the National Luna Legacy line of portable fridges and freezers.

To the unfamiliar, National Luna has been one of the biggest names in portable fridges for the last 30 years, having released multiple products that showed excellent performance in terms of both durability and efficiency. This new line steps the game up even further with fridges that cool down faster, stay cool longer, and use up less energy than its predecessors, all while operating in the challenging environment of the wild outdoors.


Billed as “the world’s most powerful portable 12-volt fridges,” the National Luna Legacy boasts the outfit’s new Off-Road Compressor, which has been designed in-house from the ground up with the rumble and tumble of off-roading in mind. That means, it should shrug off all the bumps, knocks, and shaking it’s going to encounter during those treacherous drives in rough terrain, all while operating with the same reduced energy consumption found in modern refrigeration equipment. It can operate from 9.6V to 31.5V DC, as well as AC voltage ranging from 100V to 240V, complete with automatic switching, giving it the versatility required for operating on the road.

According to the outfit, the compressor is designed to automatically run in high-speed Turbo Mode until the main compartment reaches the desired temperature point, ensuring it cools down your food and drinks at the fastest rate available. After that, it will go into idle mode, a more energy-efficient setting that ensures optimal power consumption. They pair that compressor with higher-density insulation all around the surrounding walls, helping the compartments retain their low temperatures for much longer periods, which further benefits energy efficiency, since there’s a lot less work for the compressor to perform.


The National Luna Legacy has a stainless steel exterior and an aluminum interior, making this completely hardwearing both inside and out, all while providing better cooling with its all-metal cabinet and liner combo. Instead of using a cooling plate like fridges with plastic liners, it pairs the aluminum interior with copper pipes instead, which, the outfit claims, ensures more even cooling all throughout the compartment, eliminating those instances of the fridge freezing items in sections where they shouldn’t (and not freezing them when they should).


As of now, six single-compartment variants are scheduled to release under the Legacy range, namely a 40-liter model, a 52-liter model, a 55-liter model, a 65-liter  model, an 85-liter model, and a big 125-liter model. Each one comes with a single door that opens from the top, with hook closures to ensure it stays locked during transport, along with an easy-to-read digital thermostat and a programmable intelligent controller for setting the desired temperature, so you can estimate how much power you’ll need to use up before properly getting it cooled down.

The National Luna Legacy line of portable fridges and freezers will ship starting in November. Price starts at $995.

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