Gerber Commuter Knife Slightly bigger than their standard EDC knife, Gerber's latest blade gets a more substantial build for a better fit in larger hands.


Yes, there are knives well worth the money they command, whether it’s because they use rare materials, integrate novel functions, or sport a unique rocker chassis. Sometimes, you want one of those. Other times, you just want a cheap blade you can keep in your pocket every day, ready to pull out when the need for a trusty cutter comes up. That’s what the Gerber Commuter’s all about.

A slightly bigger and heftier alternative to the outfit’s LST folder, the knife is designed to be just as portable while providing a better grip for larger hands and delivering improved utility. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or anywhere in between, this thing should come in handy for a whole lot of cutting jobs.


The Gerber Commuter pairs a 3-inch long blade with a 4.21-inch handle, making for a big enough knife to handle most everything but the toughest cutting jobs. It has a blade cut in 420HC steel with a stone wash finish for cutting through any stuff with ease, while rubber inserts on the glass-filled nylon handle ensure a secure grip while you get down and dirty. Features include a slim design to help portability, a nail nick opening, finger jimping, and a lock back safety mechanism to ensure it holds securely whether the folder is open or closed.


Available now, the Gerber Commuter Knife is priced at $33.