TemboTusk Skottle Kit Designed for cooking big meals outdoors, this kit combines a single-burner stove, a propane tank, and a large pan in a highly-portable set.


We’re big fans of packable cooking units, allowing you to bring a functional stove to the outdoors while taking very little room in your pack. If you’re looking to cook big meals, though, good luck, since it’s unlikely you can cook a whole lot on it without cooking in multiple batches. For preparing big meals with a minimum of cooking gear, we have a feeling the TemboTusk Skottle Kit will work out a lot better.

No, it’s not some complicated kit like many of the newfangled outdoor stoves we see today. Instead, it’s a simple set based around a single burner, a propane tank, and a large pan for cooking a whole lot of food in one go. It’s large enough to handle multiple slabs of wild meat, a big fish, or a good load of whatever you’re feasting on for the night, making for a handy tool to have if you’re camping with a small group.


The TemboTusk Skottle Kit consists of a 10,000 BTU Coleman single burner propane tank, a tripod frame to elevate your cooking gear, and a large Skottle pan. To use, simply hang the burner and tank ensemble on the tripod frame, then place the Skottle pan on top. That’s it. From there, you just go cooking, with the shallow pan heating up evenly to ensure all the food cook properly. It comes with a carry bag sized to hold everything, along with up to four 16oz gas tanks.


Available now, the TemboTusk Skottle Kit is priced at $275.

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