Finisterre CWS Camber Jean Designed for cold surfers, this pair of jeans combines cotton denim with Merino wool, drying the legs and keeping warmth in to get you comfortable fast.


While it looks nothing more than a regular pair of jeans, the Finisterre CWS Camber Jean actually brings more technical talents to go with its stylish cut. Designed as a pair of pants cold water surfers can slip into as soon as they get out of their wetsuits, it’s built to both dry a person’s legs and keep it warm, making it an ideal pair of trousers, whether for surfing or just spending time out during the rainy days of fall.

Outside, it looks like regular denim pants, with the 10.5-oz Japanese cotton making it appear like any pair of jeans in your closet. Inside, though, the Merino wool puts its powers to work, helping shed water away from your wet legs after a surfing session and hoarding body warmth to take things from chilly to toasty in a jiffy.


Described as “cold water jeans,” the CWS Camber Jean has an inside face that’s needle-brushed, ensuring it feels perfectly soft and comfy wrapped around your legs. For even better warmth, it comes with a reinforced seat to protect you when unwittingly plopping down on moist surfaces and a warm touch coating on the button-fly, so you don’t get jolted with chill while scrambling to undo your pants during those times you really need to go. Features include a straight-cut silhouette, mid-rise waist, curved side seams for full-capacity pockets, chain-stitched hems, and twin-needle inner-leg seams.


Available now, the Finisterre CWS Camber Jean is priced at £150.