Salt x Aether Scout Sunglasses Designed for motorcycle riders, these aviators use windshields and an extended top frame to block wind and sun while keeping you looking good.


Not a big fan of wearing oversized wraparound sunglasses when taking your motorcycle out for a ride? Join the club. If you still haven’t quite found the perfect alternative (Electric, by the way, has a fine one), you may want to check out the Salt x Aether Scout Sunglasses.

Designed for motorcycle riders, the eyewear combines an aviator-style frame with windshields and an extended top panel, allowing it to look like a more relaxed pair of shades while still protecting you from the elements during a ride. Simply put, it’s the kind of sunglasses that will still look good whether you’re on or off the bike, ensuring you won’t look out of place with this thing on at any time.


The Salt x Aether Scout Sunglasses has lightweight frames made from beta-titanium, so it should hold up to the wear-and-tear of long rides on the road. Flexible temples make it easy to take the glasses off and slip them on again even while wearing a helmet, while the overall design reduces wind flow and peripheral sunlight by over 80 percent, ensuring it will make riding during windy, sunny days a whole lot easier on the eyes. Worried about losing peripheral vision? Not a problem, as the windshields come with strategically-sized holes to ensure sideways visibility isn’t impaired.


It uses polarized lenses with a photochromic filter that automatically darkens to suit the light conditions, ensuring you’ll have the perfect amount of shade no matter the situation. Three color options are available: brushed honey gold, black sand, and tempest.

Available now, the Salt x Aether Scout Sunglasses are priced at $600.

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