Outside Vans Lava Flow This converted 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter can go anywhere, sleep you comfortably, and haul enough gear to let you enjoy the outdoors any way you like it.


You want a motorhome you can take for weekends in the wild outdoors, but aren’t interested in putting up with the inconvenient size of trailers and RVs. What do you do? Maybe you’ll be more comfortable hitting the open road in the Lava Flow.

A converted 4×4 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, it’s being billed as the type of van you can use to drive to work every day, all while being ready to support you in any outdoor adventure at a moment’s notice. Sure, it’s far from as well-equipped as a proper RV, but if all you really want is a ride that can go anywhere, sleep you comfortably, and haul all your gear wherever your next adventure might be, this should definitely do the trick.


Unlike RV conversions that cram kitchens, bathrooms, and a whole load of amenities onto a ride, the Lava Flow keeps it simple, installing just a removable two-person bed and leaving the rest of the space for your gear instead. To ensure your stuff is organized, they install cargo tie-down tracks and rings, bike fork mounts (so you can bring bicycles and dirt bikes to the trip), an overhead cabinet, and crossbars on the roof. Since you’ll likely get the itch to drive off regardless of weather, they throw in vinyl flooring and insulated wall panels to keep you warm, with off-road LED bars, an indestructible bumper, Cooper Discoverer Maxx tires, a rear ladder, and a retractable running board on the passenger side rounding out the exterior feature set. Yes, they offer plenty of options, too, so you can probably fit some creature comforts in there if you find a couple of them absolutely necessary.


Made by Outside Vans, pricing for the Lava Flow starts at $119,000.