Moore & Giles Frost Knife Carrier This knife carrier can be rolled, as well as carried like a work bag for a professional, business-like look.


Yes, a roll is still the most efficient way to carry a set of knives. If you prefer the more substantial feel of carrying a work bag, though, then you’ll probably find the Moore & Giles Frost to be a more suitable way of bringing a trusted set of cutlery along.

Designed for chefs and anyone else who carries cutlery on a regular basis (like hunters or serial killers), it lets you organize and protect your kitchen blades while you make your way to the restaurant, hotel, or gourmet food truck where you put your cooking skills to work. While it can be rolled like most knife carriers in the market, it adds a second option that mimics the look of a proper work bag, bringing a more professional appearance that screams serious business, ensuring you project an aura of competence, whether meeting with clients, bantering with other chefs, or applying for a slot at a snobby European restaurant that can set your career for life.


The Moore & Giles Frost Knife Carrier has a main compartment that can hold up to nine knives, including blades up to 15 inches in length, so it should cover most any blade-related food-prep task, from chopping garlic to deveining shrimps to slicing up a big slab of beef. Areas around the knives liable to heavy wear are reinforced with leather, with a dual zip closure to minimize possible accidents while traveling with razor-sharp gear. Since it’s sized like a work bag instead of a knife roll, they were able to add an inner pocket for small tools like measuring spoons and a meat thermometer, with a slot for pens and a separate pocket for business cards.


Available now, the Moore & Giles Frost is priced at $395.