MMT E-Strap This watch strap replacement comes with activity sensors on the buckle, allowing it to track your steps, calories, and sleep like a fitness band.


Yes, wearing your favorite timepiece on one wrist and a fitness band on the other works well enough. If you’d rather cut down on the amount of accessories you have to strap on every morning, you might want to check out the MMT E-Strap.

A replacement strap for your existing watches, you can simply swap it in place of any band you’re currently using. Unlike regular straps, though, it has a buckle fitted with activity tracking hardware, so you can use it to record steps, distance, and calories burned without having to wear a separate fitness band.


The MMT E-Strap has a square tile on the buckle that houses all the hardware and sensors, with a slim build that allows it to be all but indiscernible when worn. Aside from recording activity stats, it can also monitor your sleep patterns, although that means you’ll either have to wear it to bed or put it under your pillow before turning in for the night. It works with an accompanying app, where you can check all the recorded stats and adjust any settings.

Features include prompts that alert you when you haven’t been active, dynamic coaching, and a seven-day battery life. It comes in a variety of band types, too, so you can find ones that actually work with the aesthetic of every watch in your collection.

Initially, availability of the MMT E-Strap will be limited to partnerships with existing watch brands. They will, however, make it available for retail down the line.

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