Maggie Stephenson x Tombolo Traveler Pants Tombolo's stylish travel pants get a special edition in heavyweight linen with fun patterned prints of artwork from Maggie Stephenson.

Wearing pants with ridiculous patterns is not something you want to do every day. When you’re going somewhere on holiday, though, those same pants become a symbol of the carefree merrymaking you’re about to enjoy. That’s exactly what you announce to the world when you strut around in the Maggie Stephenson x Tombolo Traveler Pants.

A special edition of Trombolo’s comfy travel pants, which came in solid colors, these trousers get printed with commissioned artwork from Maggie Stephenson. That way, they’re not just comfy, they make you look like you don’t have a care in the world, too, which, we imagine, is how most people tend to feel anyway after a couple of those crazy cocktail mixes they sell at beach bars. So yeah, it’s the perfect pair of pants for going on holiday, as it delivers absolute comfort on all fronts.

The Maggie Stephenson x Tombolo Traveler Pants take the same design as the outfit’s regular travel pants, but replace the cotton, polyester, and nylon blend with wrinkle-resistant and breathable linen to make it ideal for going on holiday on your summer vacation. Yes, they didn’t stop at the linen either, opting to print it with repeating patterns of artwork that depict couples embracing against a tropical backdrop, so even if you end up alone on the beach, your pants are, at least, getting some action. Or something like that.

<It’s 100 percent linen, by the way, so it’s strong enough to hold up to the rough sands and rougher characters of the beach resort you’re visiting, while being highly absorbent and cool even on the hottest afternoon. Do note, this isn’t one of those thin linen fabrics that are typical of warm weather garments. Instead, they opted for a thicker weight because it doesn’t wrinkle as much as thinner fabrics, so it doesn’t look used the moment you take it out of the luggage and you don’t look like a crumpled mess at the end of a day wearing it. Well… fingers crossed about that last one.

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The Maggie Stephenson x Tombolo Traveler Pants comes with staggered tuck pleats and an adjustable cuff that lets you turn them into joggers if you’re feeling like rocking that look for the day. As a disclaimer, though, we have no idea how it looks as a jogger, so just loosen the cuffs back if it doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic you’re hoping to get. It’s got belt loops, so you can hold it up with one if you like, although it also has an elasticized back and drawstring in the interior, so you can skip the belt if you want to maintain a more casual style. Other features include side piping for better durability, bone button closures, and a concealed zipper pocket on the right side seam. According to the outfit, the pants are designed to sit above the ankle for that oh-so-relaxed-I’m-on-vacation look, so it’s best to go with your exact size.

The Maggie Stephenson x Tombolo Traveler Pants are available now, priced at $148.

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