Jabra Sport Pulse Headphones More than streaming your playlist, these Bluetooth earbuds can track activity stats, monitor heart rate, and even provide a full-time virtual coach.


Chances are, you’ve seen guys doing their runs with earbuds for their music, a fitness band for their running metrics, and a chest strap for monitoring their heart rate. Yes, it’s a lot. The Jabra Sport Pulse combines those three devices into one, allowing you to record key running stats and your heart rate using nothing but the same pair of earbuds you use to listen to your favorite running playlist.

Designed for active use, these wireless earbuds let you listen to music without being hooked up to a phone, so you can run, bike, and keep busy without them getting in the way. It comes with 6mm dynamic speakers and function much like regular earbuds, allowing you to take calls hands-free with an integrated mic on top of listening to your tunes.


Of course, the Jabra Sport Pulse does quite a bit more.  Like fitness trackers, it can capture key stats like time, pace, distance, and calories burned, along with your peak and average heart rate, all of which are synced to the accompanying app (iOS and Android), where you can check on your activities and review your performance.  More than tracking stats, it integrates a real-time virtual coach that provides feedback on the fly based on any personal goals you’ve set based on distance, time, calories, heart rate zone, or target pace. You can even set up interval training and have the virtual coach provide cues on when to switch from one pace to the next.


Do note, because it does so much, battery is rated to last just five hours, so this is definitely not for endurance running. And, yes, it’s weatherized, ensuring you can use it even when running in the midst of a drizzle.

Available now, the Jabra Sport Pulse is priced at $159.99.

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