Filson Rugged Suede Tote Remember when men didn't carry tote bags? Thankfully, that time is gone and we can totally hit the beach in Filson's awesome tote bag come summer.


A tote may not traditionally be a bag for men, but you can’t deny just how convenient the darn thing is for carrying the assortment of things you pack when heading to the beach. Simply put, there’s nothing better. If you’re still on the fence because you used to make fun of all your guy friends who bring totes to the water, maybe Filson’s Rugged Suede Tote will help you get over the hump. I mean, it’s rugged, so it must be manly, right?

Just like any tote bag, it’s designed to accommodate the unusual assortment of things people pack when spending an afternoon enjoying sea and sand. From blankets and sandals to speakers and umbrellas to a six pack and some snacks, this thing should cram it all much more efficiently than any backpack or gym bag in your gear stash.


To live up to its name, the Filson Rugged Suede Tote is made from a full-grain, rough-out boot leather, rather than suede that’s been stripped off the hide, ensuring it’s way sturdier than the limp suede bags you’re used to. It’s also been weatherproofed during the tanning process, so this should withstand whatever elements it encounters while being hauled along the beach. Features include two interior pockets, a contrasting-texture leather base, vegetable-tanned bridle leather handles, and solid brass hardware. It measures 13.75 x 16 x 7.5 inches (w x h x d).

Available now, the Filson Rugged Suede Tote is priced at $550.