Cotopaxi Inti 2 Tent Cotopaxi's newest tent can be set up as a single-person shelter, a two-person hideout, or a four-person dwelling.


Tents come in all sizes, from tiny ones for solo campers to large ones for big groups. It’s one of those things that make buying a tent a slightly less-straightforward affair. Do you get a single-person tent or do you buy a slightly bigger one to accommodate those days you’re camping out with friends? The Cotopaxi Inti 2 solves that problem by building a tent you can expand at will.

Touted as “the world’s most versatile tent,” it can be set up as a single-person shelter, a two-person hideout, or a four-person dwelling by simply adding or removing components. That way, you don’t have to carry a large four-person tent during days you’re hitting the backcountry alone, allowing you to travel light without having multiple tents stashed away at home.


The Cotopaxi Inti 2 has three main components: a tent, a waterproof rainfly, and a snap-on waterproof vestibule they’re calling an alcove. You can set up the tent on its own (with or without the rainfly), the alcove on its own (this thing will be great for the beach), or combine both to create a spacious four-person shelter, giving you plenty of options in the amount of shelter you’re bringing to every backcountry excursion.


The tent comes with two doors, four mesh storage pockets, and a convenient three-pole setup, while the alcove uses trekking poles for even easier rigging. Weight is 4.6 pounds for the tent and rainfly, with the alcove weighing 2.5, so it’s not all that hefty either even with the entire rig in tow.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Cotopaxi. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $325.