Casio G-Shock x Bruce Lee MR-G Watch An official collaboration between Casio and the Bruce Lee estate, this flagship MR-G comes dressed in Bruce Lee's signature colors.

Would Bruce Lee wear a G-Shock if he lived to be 80 years old today? Probably not. We don’t really see old people walking around with those big and rugged G-Shock watches on their wrist. If he ever did, though, we imagine it would be one that looks like the Casio G-Shock x Bruce Lee MR-G Watch.

An official collaboration between Casio and the Bruce Lee estate, the timepiece takes the outfit’s MR-G model and dresses it in the iconic martial artist’s signature colors, which are lifted from the red-and-yellow tracksuit that he wore in the Game of Death movie. There are plenty of other Lee-related details, too, making this quite the interesting watch for fans of the Jeet Kune Do founder.

The Casio G-Shock x Bruce Lee MR-G Watch gets the familiar analog watch face of the flagship MR-G series, with markers clad in a yellow color and a seconds hand in red, making them very visible against the dial’s dark background. At three o’clock on the watch face is the Chinese character for dragon, which, the product page claims, is Bruce Lee’s signature. Yeah, we don’t know if we believe that, either. Both the bezel and the back cover are engraved with 12 Chinese characters that supposedly represent the main tenets of Lee’s preferred martial art.

It’s got a dial listing the abbreviations of cities, allowing you to be quickly set it to any new time zone, with the watch using its integrated signal reception to automatically update the time using calibration signals originating from any of the fixed locations in Germany, England, the US, Japan, and China. There’s also an onboard GPS, in case you want automated updates as soon as you arrive in a new timezone. It’s got a stopwatch sub-dial, world time hour and minute sub-dial, and a countdown timer sub-dial all located on the left-hand side of the watch face, with a day indicator sitting in the four o’clock position.

The Casio G-Shock x Bruce Lee MR-G Watch comes with all the things that has made G-Shocks well-loved by its fans, like the rugged build, shock resistance, and magnetic resistance. The darn thing has 200-meter water resistance, too, so you can dive pretty deep without causing it any damage. It’s solar-powered, so the darn thing will keep running at all times, with the battery able to hold up to six months’ worth of charge, in case you end up trapped in a cave with absolutely no source of light. And yes, there’s a LED light, so you can, at least, check the time while you sit in that cave, waiting to be rescued.

Construction for the case and bezel is deep-layer hardened titanium, which makes it up to five times stronger than regular variants of the metal, while remaining lightweight. Both are clad in a deep black color, with a DLC-coated finish, while the band borrows the bright yellow color of Lee’s tracksuit, which has become one of his more iconic looks.

The Casio G-Shock x Bruce Lee MR-G Watch is priced at $4,000. Only 300 examples will be made.

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