Article One x Café du Cycliste Cycling Sunglasses Designed to be worn both on and off the bike, these sports glasses look like an erstwhile stylish pair of shades.


We seldom go riding without our cycling shades on. They do a great job of protecting our eyes from the sun while keeping both wind and glare from affecting our view of the road ahead. However, we also never caught wearing those same cycling shades whenever we’re not riding, since those things, pretty much, make any outfit you put together look goofy. The Article One x Café du Cycliste Cycling Sunglasses, however, takes a different path.


Instead of looking like your regular wraparound cycling glasses, the eyewear actually looks like a stylish pair of shades – one you wouldn’t mind wearing out in public on a sunny afternoon. Even better, it’s the kind of shades that will blend in nicely, whether you’re wearing shorts, jeans, or your everyday office chinos, ensuring you can rock the darn things, regardless of where you’re spending most of the day.


The Article One x Café du Cycliste Cycling Sunglasses have a frame cut in a polymer material that’s both lightweight and durable, ensuring it will deliver the comfort and performance you require when riding around on a road bike. It pairs that frame with Divel CR-39 polarized lenses that block 100 percent of all UV rays, complete with additional coatings to shrug off both glare and reflection. Silicone pads on the nose and grippers on the arms keep it firmly in place even through the most challenging rides, while spring hinges minimize the chances of accidentally breaking the arms when it’s left open on a table.


Available in thee colorways (amber, gray, and matte black), the Article One x Café du Cycliste Cycling Sunglasses is priced at $275.

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