Yamaha YXZ1000R SS Side-by-Side Yamaha raises the bar on their highly-successful pure sport UTV, reinforcing it with paddle shifters for quicker and simpler gear changes.


We’re huge fans of the Yamaha YXZ1000 and its powerful three-cylinder engine, which is about as close to a track racer as we’ve ever seen a side-by-side get. Apparently, Yamaha wants to raise the bar even further and they’re doing that with the new YXZ1000R SS.

A “Sport Shift” version of the highly successful pure sport UTV, the new side-by-side eliminates the clutch pedal on the original and replaces it with paddle shifters. That means, no more taking your foot off the gas to shift gears, allowing you to open up the engine further while going at full throttle. Yamaha is hoping this makes the vehicle even easier to drive, leaving it more accessible to even less-experienced off-road drivers.


With the new paddles, the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS allows you to shift up and down with the mere flick of a finger, with an automatic downshift feature that brings it down to first gear as soon as the vehicle comes to a stop (no accidentally starting at fifth gear). It retains the 998cc liquid-cooled engine of the original, which it pairs with a five-speed sequential gearbox, a unique launch system that allows for high-speed takeoffs, and on-command 4WD that allows you to adjust traction as necessary.


Features include twin-wall Fox 2.5 Podium X2 shocks (16.2 inches front and 17 inches rear travel), electric power steering, all-wheel disc brakes, beadlock wheels with 27-inch Maxxis radial tires, and a 300-pound cargo capacity. In the cabin, you get a supersport-style dashboard, high back seats with extra lateral supports, and shaped floorboards that enable generous legroom.


Pricing for the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS starts at $22,399.