Xpedition Archery Xception Xpedition Archery's single cam bow combines quiet handling and easy tuning with a smooth draw cycle and firing speeds of up to 328 feet per second.


Xpedition Archery calls the Xception “the perfect single cam hunting machine.” While we can’t attest to the veracity of those claims, checking out what their latest hunting bow brings to the table certainly seems to support that narrative.

Billed as a “no compromise” weapon, the single cam shooter embraces the quiet operation, reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements of solocam bows, so longtime single cam users won’t miss the signature elements of their preferred hunting companion. Unlike competitors in the market, though, this one boasts easy tuning with a smooth draw cycle, eliminating the primary complaints people typically lodge against such class of shooters.


While it won’t be firing 350+ feet per second (fps) arrows like a high-end dual cam, the Xpedition Archery Xception will let you send those same arrows at speeds of 328 fps. That’s some serious speed for a single cam, especially since it operates just as quietly as any you’ve tried before. It comes with a draw length of 26.5 to 31 inches, with half-inch modular increments that require no button pressing for easier use, along with draw weighs between 45 and 70 pounds (five pound increments), ensuring it can suit a whole variety of archers, regardless of strength.


To help solve some of the issues in single cam bows, it comes in a three-piece construction, which enabled the range of versatile adjustments. Features include a forgiving 7.25-inch brace height, a rock solid limb stop for comfortable drawing, and a weight of 3.9 pounds.

Available now, the Xpedition Archery Xception is priced at $1,049.