Onsen Bath Robe Onsen takes their popular towel material and turns it into a bathrobe that boasts the same ultra-absorbent function and excessively soft feel.

Onsen is well known for their very popular bath towels, which are made from a unique waffle weave that makes them both extremely absorbent and absurdly soft. They’re luxuriously nice, to say the least. If you enjoy those, there’s no reason you won’t enjoy being able to wrap that same material around your body all day.  That’s exactly what you can do with the Onsen Bath Robe.

That’s right, it’s a bath robe cut in the the same lightweight, absorbent, and fast drying material they use for their towels, so you won’t just be able to enjoy them after a shower, you can keep them on for those days you’re staying in behind closed doors. We know, kicking it in your bathrobe all day doesn’t seem like the best look for an upwardly-mobile professional like you, but some days, you need the extra pampering and this thing should make you feel like you’re spending the day in a relaxing spa somewhere instead of slumming it through a day of Microsoft Teams meetings and mind-numbing research. Hey… a man can dream.

The Onsen Bath Robe is a knee-length hooded robe that’s generously oversized to encourage a relaxed fit, allowing you to move around wearing it without feeling constricted. It’s made from 100 percent extra-long staple Supima cotton that, the outfit claims, ranks in the top one percentile of the finest grade cotton available on the face of the planet. Seriously. The cotton is treated to a weave that creates waffle-like pockets, which increase the surface area to trap moisture more efficiently without making the material unnecessarily hefty.

Aside from absorbing moisture extremely well, the waffle weave is highly breathable (they describe it as “superior airflow”), so you won’t be sweating the whole time you have the robe on, unless it’s a particularly hot summer day and the AC is malfunctioning. Yeah… best call someone to fix that. It’s also quick drying, so you don’t have to spend the next hour wearing a damp robe when you put it on right after a relaxing shower.

The Onsen Bath Robe integrated hood is cut in the exact same weave, so it should dry your hair just as well as the rest of the robe dries your body, saving you from having to spend 10 minutes messing with your girlfriend’s hair blower. It has a waist band, too, so you can cover up your sensitive body parts properly without any risk of exposure, while a pair of large pockets allow you to carry all sorts of stuff around the house.

Do note, these are really generously-sized, so make sure to get the right size, lest be stuck with a robe that’s uncomfortably loose. It comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large, with the outfit recommending going for the smaller one if you’re in between sizes, as it will still fit given the loose cut. Three colors are available, namely white, cinder gray, and denim blue.

The Onsen Bath Robe is available now, priced at $195.

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