Work More Efficiently With These Monitor Stands For Both Macs And PCs Improve posture, productivity, and storage room on your desk with these awesome monitor stands for PCs and Macs.

For some people, the integrated stand that comes with their monitor, iMac, or Windows all-in-one works just fine. For others, it puts the display a bit too low for comfort, requiring them to look down frequently instead of working with their eyes straight ahead. That’s when adding a monitor stand to your workspace makes perfect sense.

Not only will a good stand elevate your screen, which can help your improve your posture and productivity, it can also add storage to your desk and, potentially, improve airflow around your primary display device. Some of the better stands out there can even improve your desk’s aesthetics (a few, more significantly than others), making the space feel like a much more engaging place to work.

Here are some of our favorite monitor stands.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser

It’s not the prettiest monitor stand out there, with its plastic build and basic rack-like shape. If you want a simple, affordable stand that will get the job done, though, Amazon’s own brand of monitor riser offers an attractive combination of utility and price. Even better, it comes with stackable legs that allow you to adjust it to three different heights, making it useful for different users, all while creating useful space underneath for stashing office supplies, charging cables, and other small accessories. It can handle monitors up to 22 pounds and comes with non-skid feet to keep everything in place.

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Eurpmask Foldable Monitor Stand

Despite being one of the most affordable monitor stands out there, this model manages to distinguish itself by more than its price. Instead, it brings a variety of features that make it a more flexible option for a whole lot of folks. For one, it has an adjustable width up to 20.5 inches that will allow it to accommodate the widest monitor base you can find. It also integrates a phone stand, a tablet stand, and storage room for stationeries, so you can do your work while watching a show on your iPad and monitoring messages on your iPhone. Heck, you can even easily grab a Post-It to remind yourself to “Stop getting distracted and be more productive today.” We know, that doesn’t sound congruent at all, but it sure keeps things exciting. Features include a load capacity of 110 pounds, non-skid feet, and ABS construction with metal hardware.

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AboveTEK Ergonomic Acrylic Monitor Stand

We love the simplicity of this acrylic stand, which combines a molded shape, a wide platform, and a transparent finish to create an accessory that’s equal parts good-looking and versatile.  With almost 20 inches of surface width and a load capacity of 50 pounds, it can support any monitor or all-in-one PC out there, while the 3-inch height should provide enough elevation to make it useful for majority of users. It’s made from a single-piece polished acrylic that’s half-an-inch thick, too, so thing should be as durable as a stand can get.

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Vaydeer Aluminum Monitor Stand

This stand gives you a platform over 21 inches wide to accommodate nearly any kind of monitor or all-in-one PC, while an all-aluminum build allows it to support up to 66 pounds. Even better, it doubles as a USB hub with four USB 3.0 slots on one side, allowing you to plug in multiple devices right on the same stand, along with a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad on the same side. Because it’s so wide, you can even use the stand to hold the gadgets you’ve got plugged in, whether you’re charging your camera, saving stuff on your external hard drive, or running some goofy novelty toy that brings a smile to your face. The best part? It’s probably one of the most affordably-priced all-aluminum stands and port hubs we’ve seen.

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Twelve South Curve Riser – $79.99

This sleek-looking metal stand combines a curvy shape with an elevation height of 4.25 inches, raising your display by a significant level. Even better, it adds a shelf under the stand, making it a great place to store port hubs, external drives, and other accessories without taking up additional desk space. It can also accommodate monitor bases up to 10 inches wide, so it should be compatible with a variety of monitors and all-in-one PCs out there. On top of all that, it looks really good, making it a great way to elevate the aesthetics of the most boring workspaces.

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Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub – $89.99

While designed for the iMac, this combination stand and port hub will actually work with any kind of PC that has a USB Type-C slot, allowing you to elevate your display while adding a bunch of ports right under your monitor. It gets you three USB 3.0 ports, one USB-C port, a headphone jack, and card slots (SD and microSD), making it much more than a tool for elevating your display to eye level. Do note, the actual stand surface is sized for iMacs, so if you have a monitor that uses a larger base, it might not fit quite as flush (putting it in danger of falling over). It also elevates the display by just around an inch and a half, which may not be high enough for many folks, so if you prefer a little more height for your primary work screen, you might want to look at something else.

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Grovemade Monitor Stand – $120

Want the nicest monitor stand you can get to elevate your work desk’s aesthetic? Look no further than this wooden stand from Grovemade, which is cut from a continuous seven-ply plywood that’s been molded into its curvy shape, turning out a functional riser that’s as elegant as it is simple. Comes in walnut or maple, too, so you can match it to your desk’s wood grain, all while supporting weights of up to 200 pounds, so you can use it even with the heaviest all-in-one PCs.

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