Hygear Hyrope This connected jump rope works with an app to track your sessions in real time, while monitoring your progress and offering tailored workouts.

Jump ropes are great. They’re simple enough to learn, complex enough to keep you challenged even at advanced levels, and intense enough to give you a satisfying workout every time. They’re also cheap and portable, making them a great on-the-go-exercise option. The Hygear Hyrope takes the jump rope and turns it into a modern exercise system.

Just like any jump rope, you can use it to perform boxer steps, criss-crosses, and full twists, among other exercises, as well as tailor the pace, cadence, and movements to your own personal fitness goals. Unlike them, it comes with sensors that allow it to record performance data, along with a companion app that will let you review your results and plan your workouts.

The Hygear Hyrope can pair with the companion app to track your jump rope workouts in real time, recording your reps, speed, and other performance stats, which you can see onscreen. This should save you from having to constantly keep a count in your head, allowing you to focus on pulling out each rep, whether you’re doing basic jumps, side swings, or a complex dance-like routine. Basically, if you’ve ever done jump rope workouts and lost your count while in the middle of a set, this makes sure you never go through that frustration again.

Aside from tracking your jump rope workout performance, the app comes with classes and workout programs that you can follow. And yes, majority of them will be revolving around nothing but jump rope and bodyweight exercises, so you won’t need any additional equipment to get versatile workouts on this thing. The programs, by the way, vary from basics, such as developing jump rope skills and 45-day jump rope challenges, to more advanced workouts, such as boxing-style training and skills training for a variety of ball sports, so this can keep you grinding on the jump rope for a good amount of time. They also add new classes and programs every month, similar to most fitness apps today.

The Hygear Hyrope stores the sensors right on the jump rope handle, so it’s adequately protected from damage even through the most grinding workouts. It uses a PVC-covered steel rope, by the way, so it’s the kind of jump rope that will keep you engaged even when you’re at an advanced level, as you can make that rope spin as fast as you want without having to use up as much energy. Do note, it requires two AAA batteries to power the sensors and the wireless connection, so make sure you have those before starting a workout.

As with many exercise products today, the jump rope is being offered with a subscription plan, with the plan likely tied to full access to the software’s complete feature set. While we do like the tracking aspect, we’re not quite sure about the usefulness of guided workouts for jump ropes. Given the success of all the exercise products that embraced the Peloton model, though, we imagine this is going to do just fine.

The Hygear Hyrope is available now, priced at $39, which includes the equipment and a one-year subscription to the app.

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