Wilson X Connected Basketball Integrated sensors allow this basketball to track every shot you take, giving you a record of your sweet spots on the court and where you need more work.


It’s not quite the smart basketball that will let you do exhaustive analytics in your progress at the game. Still, the Wilson X may be the most promising sports tracking solution we’ve ever seen for the sport at the consumer level.

Billed as a “connected basketball,” it looks, plays, and handles just like any regulation basketball that you can dribble on hardwood, bounce off the glass, and shoot through the net. Except, it comes embedded with sensors that allow it to track each and every one of your perimeter shots, allowing it to build an extensive record of your progress during shooting practices.


The Wilson X can track every basket and brick you make on the court, provided it’s at least seven feet away from the ring. That means, mid-range jumpers, free throws, and threes (we’re not sure about the occasional Hail Mary from half-court) will all be recorded, although you’ll have to make do not being able to keep track of your layups and dunks. All necessary electronics are embedded into the ball, too, so there’s no need to rig the ring with any other contraption, including the onboard non-removable battery that’s rated to last for up to 100,000 shots. It can work on any regulation 10-foot hoop with a net.

It works with an accompanying app where you can see a record of your practice sessions, complete with graphical shot charts so it’s easy to figure out where you’re hot and where you need a lot of work. The app also includes four game modes, which are essentially structured practice sessions for those times you don’t want to spend the session taking random shots all over the court.

Available now, the Wilson X is priced at $199.99.