This Is Ground Voyager Duffel Because it's tough to be anywhere without internet, this weekender bag ships with a Karma Go 4G LTE hotspot for uninterrupted service anywhere you travel.


It’s hardly the first stylish weekender bag you’ve likely seen, but the Voyager Duffel makes a strong case for its presence in your travels by packing some tech-friendly talents. If you carry a bunch of gear along with the clothes and supplies you need for a trip, there’s a good chance it’s exactly the kind of bag you’ve been waiting to come upon.

Despite the name, it’s not exactly the cylindrical-shaped gear bag we mostly associate with duffels. Instead, it actually looks more like a large messenger with its square side profile. Either way, it’s a stylish-looking leather travel bag that combines a compact size with lots of room and a special exterior pocket for keeping your tech within easy reach.


Rather than function as a catch-all pouch, the Voyager Duffel’s exterior pocket functions more like a dedicated tech compartment, with built-in loops and straps for securing mobile devices, cables and small gadgets in an organized manner. The layout is actually reminiscent of the awesome Tech Dopp Kit (the bag is made by the same company, This Is Ground), so it’s like having one of those permanently attached to your carry-on, with the advantage of being able to access its contents without having to open and dig through the main compartment.


The bag’s most unusual feature, though, is that it’s going to be offered with a personal WiFi connection onboard. No, they didn’t kit it with hidden chips and antennas along the seams or anything. Instead, there’s a dedicated section on the exterior pocket that’s designed to hold a Karma Go, the pay-as-you-go 4G LTE hotspot router that’s very popular with folks who want their broadband connection sans the monthly fees.

No pricing was announced yet, but the Voyager Duffel will be available before the end of the year.