Vollebak 50,000 BC Jacket Named after the days when cave men wild creatures roamed the Earth alongside wild creatures, this jacket is designed to help you survive the Ice Age. Really.


Yes, we were hoping it would be some sort of Fred Flintstone jacket, too. The 50,000 BC Jacket, however, doesn’t have anything to do with the most popular man from Bedrock. Instead, it’s a highly-technical jacket that, according to the outfit, is reinforced enough to help you survive the Ice Age.

We know, a mere coat isn’t likely to save you through the unimaginable perils of that period. From volcanic winters and ice-covered landscapes to the outright danger posed by prehistoric creatures, you’re more likely to end up dead along with the rest of the cave men. For surviving the hazards of the modern climates you’re bound to face in your adventures, though, this thing should provide all the necessary protection to keep you chugging along, no matter the challenge.


Billed as a garment “for a truly nomadic lifestyle,” the Vollebak 50,000 BC Jacket is a four-layer coat that, the outfit claims, will protect you from rain, wind, snow, and sun alike, making it ideal for those expeditions where you’re not quite sure what to expect. It’s cut from a four-layered soft shell made up of nylon with a four-way stretch on the outside, a waterproof membrane underneath it, Swiss wool under that for insulation, and a breathable brushed polyester lining, turning out a material that’s stretchy, hardwearing, windproof, and waterproof alike. According to the outfit, the use of wool for insulation makes it suitable for all conditions, so the jacket doesn’t become uncomfortable when the weather suddenly takes a warmer turn.

It has a sculpted three-piece hood that covers every part of your head over the eyes, as well as a mask for keeping the elements away from your face. With the hood deployed, it creates a large and contained air pocket, where the air you exhale can circulate around your noggin, which should help keep things toasty when dealing with cold weather. For days the hood isn’t necessary, you can fold it on itself and tuck it back, making the whole thing look like a scarf around your neck.


The Vollebak 50,000 BC Jacket have nine shatterproof buttons made from Corozo nut, with each one threaded onto a woven polyester tape that runs through the entire length of the jacket. For further reinforcement, that tape is stitched onto reinforced panels above and below each button, allowing them to be slid up and down safely, with no chance of the darn things coming off the jacket.


It has two large hand pockets that are big enough to fit a hefty load of gear, both hidden underneath storm flaps, so you can use it to hold your survival tools. And yes, the inside of the pockets are made with the same insulated fabric as the jacket, so it will keep your hands toasty when you find yourself in colder weather. Inside the pockets sit draw cords that run through the entire garment, which you can pull on to tighten and close the whole thing up when you need to get as warm as possible.

The Vollebak 50,000 BC Jacket is available now, priced at $1295.

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