Cat Footwear Cat Edge Work Boot Caterpillar's newest work boot doesn't just offer job site protection, it also boasts pain prevention for all-day comfort.

It looks like any regular work boot. You know, the kind that protects your feet from the hazards of job sites, warehouses, and similar rugged work environments. And it does just that. Except, the Cat Footwear Cat Edge isn’t just about injury prevention, as it’s also been designed as a complete ergonomic solution to prevent the kind of foot pains many workers experience as part of their day-to-day.

Billed as their “most progressively designed boot yet,” the footwear is equipped to help reduce pain on your lower extremities, both while you’re rocking the boots in the job site or relaxing in your favorite slip-ons at home. The outfit calls it their way of “stepping outside the box of traditional industrial footwear,” bringing a lot more to the work boot than what consumers have expected over the years.

The Caterpillar Cat Edge is a modern work boot, sporting stylish sneaker-like aesthetics that make it a lot more suited to contemporary outfits, compared to more traditional job site footwear. As with other work boots, it prioritizes injury prevention, with a rubber outsole that dramatically reduces risk of slips and falls even on wet surfaces, as well as the ability to protect against open circuits up to 600 volts in dry conditions.  A steel mid-plate provides a shield against puncture from sharp objects on the ground, so you won’t be putting your feet at risk in messy job sites and workshops, while a waterproof construction keeps away water and all the troubles that could cause.

Of course, the big selling point here is the fact that it doesn’t just offer the normal work boot protections. Instead, it also boasts a five-point injury prevention system that combines a rounded heel to mimic the foot’s shape, a full contact outsole with central stability lugs to provide alignment and grip, a split shank and flex grooves in the outsole that let the boot move naturally with the foot, and multi-contact insoles that provide whole foot support. According to the outfit, this combo is an ergonomic system that will prevent instances of fatigue and pain during wearing, ensuring your feet are not subjected to extreme discomfort even while you stand and walk on your feet all day.

The Caterpillar Cat Edge has a waterproof leather upper that provides adequate protection against both water and rough surfaces, along with a breathable nylon mesh sock lining, so it’s comfortable inside for your feet. It also has an NXT antibacterial layer that will reduce odor, so you don’t come home and kick off your shoes only to be greeted by unwelcome smells. There’s also a soft EVA footbed for longwearing comfort and a composite toe that provides reinforced shielding against impact.

According to the outfit, they designed this specifically for use in job sites, as the injury rate for construction workers is much higher than the national average. By offering added protection and ergonomics, they’re hoping the boot can help lower the instance of foot pain and injury, which has been a well-accepted hazard of the job.  If you spend long work hours on your feet, of course, you’ll probably benefit from the footwear, too, making this great for people beyond construction work.

The Cat Footwear Cat Edge is available now, priced at $180.

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