Volcom x Matador Packable Poncho Towel This packable poncho is made from a towel material that will dry you off at the beach, so you can strut around without carrying a beach towel.

Do you wear ponchos at the beach? Probably not. You’re going to get wet in the water anyway, so there’s no point wearing a poncho even in a drizzle. But what if the poncho is made from a towel material that will dry you up in a jiffy? That’s the proposition behind the Volcom x Matador Packable Poncho Towel.

We know, a raincoat that keeps water off and a towel that absorbs water don’t exactly go together. Perhaps, that incongruence is the appeal of this unconventional mash-up. At any rate, this appears to be meant to serve the function of a bathrobe, covering you up and drying you off, rather than a traditional poncho, making it an interesting garment option when you’re spending time around the water.

The Volcom x Matador Packable Poncho Towel is styled like a raincoat-style poncho, with sleeveless arms, a drawstring hood, and a relaxed silhouette that’s loose enough to let you move around freely. It’s designed to easily slip on and off similar to a loose shirt, making it easy to put on as soon as you get off the water and take off when you decide to catch a wave that’s looming from a distance. The garment comes with a snap button collar attached to the hood, a hidden zipper pocket for valuables, a kangaroo pocket out front, and even a hidden pass through that will let you change in and out of a wetsuit without exposing yourself.

It’s constructed from an ultralight nanofiber material that’s very thin, which is important for packability, while being extremely absorbent. According to the outfit, it absorbs 2.3 times its own weight in water, ensuring this can dry you adequately, whether you’re coming off a shower to get all that sand off your body or getting off the water after a rather painful wipeout. Even better, it’s also quick drying, so you don’t have to spend the next couple hours wearing a damp garment.

Naturally, the Packable Poncho Towel gets Matador’s signature packable design, allowing it to fold into a bundle measuring a compact 6.25 x 7 x 2.5 inches (width x height x thickness), which should be small enough to slip in a pouch on your backpack or throw inside your tote bag. It stows away in the hidden zipper pocket, too, so there’s no extra pouch to carry around (or lose at the beach), making it very convenient to use.

It’s one size fits all, so the garment is cut in a very loose, very long, and very relaxed silhouette. As such, expect it to drape off your arm, cover part of your legs, and just wear very comfortably, unless you’re an exceptionally large individual. And yes, it looks darn good, too, making it a great garment to wear when strutting around at the beach. Plus, the fact that you don’t have to carry a towel around sounds like a great thing.

The Volcom x Matador Packable Poncho Towel comes in two colors, gray and a colorful patterned print. It’s available now, priced at $59.99.

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