Travelteq Double Briefcase All-Leather Twice the size of a standard briefcase, this bag comes with two main compartments: one for your work gear and another one for anything else you need.


A reliable briefcase needs to have enough room for your computer, phone, and other gear, along with space for reports, contracts, and any other document you need to carry in order to effectively conduct your business. But when you also need to bring a change of clothes because there’s a crisis at work and nobody’s going home, you need something bigger. That will be the Travelteq Double Briefcase All-Leather.

Designed for travelers, it’s a bag with two main compartments, so you can carry all the gear you need and all the clothes you require for an overnight trip. No more carrying a suitcase and an extra bag for those quick trips to the subsidiary two states out – just one suitcase is enough to cover all the stash you require.


The Travelteq Double Briefcase All-Leather has designated compartments for your work gear and overnight essentials, so the professional stuff doesn’t have to mix in with your boxers and toiletries. That way, you don’t have to open your bag in a meeting to grab a pen and have an underwear fall out. And, god forbid, it’s the one with the hole and the stain that won’t come off – yikes. The work compartment features designated areas for your laptop, pen, phone, and charger, along with a large zippered compartment for valuables. The overnight compartment, on the other hand, is one big open space for filling up any way you see fit.


Made from vegetable-tanned Florentine Vachetta leather, the bag is just as good-looking as it is spacious, so you’ll still look just as dignified even while carrying a bag that’s holding a grimy shirt, smelly socks, and possibly-sweaty delicates. It measures 16 x 12 x 4.7 inches.

Available now, the Travelteq Double Briefcase All-Leather is priced at €550.