BioLite Climate Neutral FirePit A limited-edition version of BioLite's portable fire pit, it brings the same smokeless fire tech in a differently-colored shell.


We’re big fans of BioLite’s FirePit, a portable way to have fire at camp without all the annoying smoke. If you’re a big fan, as well, but aren’t quite as enamored at the yellow color scheme, you might want to check out the BioLite Climate Neutral FirePit, a limited-edition version created for the holiday season.

To the unfamiliar, the contraption is a freestanding metal vessel that you can use to enjoy fire in the outdoors without having to start a campfire. Far from being just more convenient, though, it’s equipped with features that make it a better choice not just over open campfires, but other portable fire pits.


The BioLite Climate Neutral FirePit, for instance, produces less smoke than conventional fires by coming with 51 air ducts at key locations that strategically blow air into the flame, creating a uniform temperature and a balanced mix of gases inside the pit to dramatically improve combustion. Doing this burns as much of the fuel in the pit as possible, optimizing the fire and minimizing the amount of fuel released in the form of smoke. According to the outfit, this system will enable near-smokeless fires, so you can enjoy a big, blazing fire at camp without nasty smoke irritating your eyes and nose.

A protruding section on one end of the pit holds both the fan and the battery, where they’re both safely insulated from the actual flames, while integrated controls on the same section let you adjust the fan speed at four different levels, allowing you to control the size of the flames. It has a Bluetooth built into the unit, too, so you can adjust the flames remotely without having to get up from your comfy seat via the companion app. According to the outfit, a fully-charged battery will keep the airflow running for 24 hours on low, 10 hours on medium, and five hours on maximum setting.


The BioLite Climate Neutral FirePit is a dual-fuel system that supports both wood and charcoal, so you can just buy some charcoal from the local store before going off to the campsite if you don’t want to spend any time chopping logs and gathering twigs in the woods. It can fit up to four 16-inch firewood pieces, by the way, so there’s enough room in the pit to accommodate a decent amount of fuel. A mesh metal body allows you to see the burning flames to create the illusion of a floating fire, while an included grate allows you to turn it into a grill, making it an even more useful accessory for any camping excursion.


It has foldable legs that allow you to collapse the whole thing in a more compact size measuring 27 x 10.5 x 13 inches (length x height x depth). A trap door at the bottom of the pit makes it easy to dispose any coal and ashes, although they also recommend brushing the pit to remove any fine ashes.

Want one? The BioLite Climate Neutral FirePit is available now, priced at $199.95.

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