ToolCart MX Mobile Pegboard With an A-frame shape and four wheels, this mobile pegboard lets you easily move tools around the biggest work sites.


Pegboards are great, allowing you to customize storage in workshops and garages, so you can stash and organize your tools in an optimized manner. We love them. If you work in a large space, though, having to walk across to the room to get to a tool on the pegboard can get frustrating. The ToolCart MX puts wheels on the pegboard, so you can drag all your tools around instead.

A tool storage clad in a rolling A-frame shape, the contraption puts two large pegboards on either side, giving you a whole lot of facilities to organize tools and supplies. Seriously, this thing can hold multiple tool boxes’ worth of gear, making it a more efficient solution for moving your stuff around in a work site.


The ToolCart MX measures six feet tall, so most people should be able to reach all tools from top to bottom. Made from heavy-duty steel, the pegboards come with holes measuring 0.265 inches, each one separated an inch apart, allowing it to accommodate all standard peg hooks and accessories, so it can work with all your existing gear. Because of the A-frame shape, the space between the pegboards are equipped with two layers of shelves, allowing you to tow toolboxes and boxfuls of supplies in it for even greater utility. All the shelves are lipped, allowing them to fence in your gear to keep them from falling off, while the lower shelf has an especially high vertical clearance, so you can load large equipment in there if you need to bring them along. And yes, by large equipment, that includes any beer kegs, coolers, or boxes of libation you want to have nearby.


All sides of the boards are flanged three-quarters of an inch for rigidity, so there’s no need to add extra framing or spacers, while four heavy-duty rubber wheels enable smooth movement across any work site. Because they’re meant to be used in job sites and workshops, the boards are resistant to oil, grease, petroleum, antifreeze, and most household chemicals, apart from being UV-stable and stain resistant, making them functional for both indoor and outdoor use. They’re easy to clean, too, requiring just a wipe down whenever it gets soiled.


The ToolCart MX comes in two widths: two feet and four feet. The two-footer has 2,898 total holes and weighs 50 pounds, while the four-footer has 6,210 holes and weighs 85 pounds. A variety of construction builds are available, including galvanized steel, brushed stainless steel, diamond plate, and anodized diamond plate, as well as a variety of color finishes, so your pegboards don’t have to be the same boring shade of gray every time.

Need something of a different size? The outfit does take custom orders, so you they can build custom sizes and shapes of pegboards, depending on what you need. Of course, they’re likely to be more expensive than their stock products, so be prepared to shell out just a little bit more.

The ToolCart MX is available now, priced at $490 for the two-footer and $690 for the four-footer.

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