Sony X930D/X940D 4K HDR TV Sony's high-end line of UHD TVs gets all the bases covered, from 4K and HDR to voice search and Google Cast.


Your next TV will be a 4K TV. That much we know. What brand, size, or model it will be, though, will come down to a mix of different factors. If you’re shopping at the high end of the spectrum, Sony’s X930D/X940D models should figure prominently in your radar.

If you’re not aware, Sony has decided to pare down their TV offerings for this year, placing all their eggs on the high-end 4K market. And this trio of large, high-tech TVs represent the best of the lot, combining sleek design, cutting-edge AV hardware, and convenient features that embrace how we watch TV in this day and age.


The Sony X930D/X940D boasts both 4K and HDR, pairing the detailed resolution of ultra-HD with the lifelike color and contrast of HDR video technology. An onboard 4K processor upscales everything, from TV broadcasts to old DVDs to YouTube videos, so content will look good regardless of its native resolution, with a backlighting algorithm that claims to reproduce far wider brightness ranges than most TVs in the market. It crams all that hardware into a panel measuring just an inch and a half in thickness, making for a stunningly slim centerpiece for any home theater or living room.


Features include built-in WiFi, Android TV, Google Cast support (no Chromecast necessary), remote-integrated voice search, and a unique cooling system that allows you to hang the TV flush against the wall like a photo frame. Three models are available in the range, measuring 55-, 65, and 75-inches, respectively.

Pricing for the Sony X930D/X940D starts at $2,199.99.