Snowfoot Alpine Snowshoe Designed for mountaineers who like to climb during winter, this attachment straps onto your boot to give it unprecedented traction and grip at any angle.


A well-designed winter boot should let you make your way around the snow. If you’re a serious mountaineer, though, you’ll want every tool at your disposal to achieve as much mobility as possible. Snowfoot is a boot attachment that claims to do just that.

Billed as an “alpine snowshoe,” it consists of a flat deck with a grated pattern that straps onto your boots, delivering what the company describes as “effortless traction and stability.” They claim serious performance, too, boasting an ability to provide unprecedented grip and balance at any surface that’s covered in snow and ice.


Each Snowfoot measures 14.5 x 9 x 0.7 inches, with a high-impact nylon construction for the deck and thermoplastic elastomer bindings. More than an aesthetic element, the deck’s 3D cell structure gives it optimized buoyancy in powder snow, with eight stainless steel spikes allowing it to maintain a tight grip on both ice and hard snow. Designed to wear with any boot of any size, it comes with universal bindings and integrated crampons that are equipped for quick and easy adjustments.


According to the product page, using the Snowfoot will allow you to get around snow-covered mountains without a need for specialized ski-touring or splitboard equipment, all while exhibiting flexible characteristics that allows for ergonomic walking across hard surfaces. Simply put, if you’re going to be hiking, climbing, and trekking up mountainous terrains in the winter, it as must-have a tool as you can find. It weighs just 2.6 pounds a pair, too, making it lightweight enough to add to any pack.

Originally a crowdfunded project, Snowfoot is now shipping to backers, with consumer sales slated to begin towards the end of the month.

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