Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava This balaclava comes with a magnetic snap-on mask that you can easily remove without having to mess with the rest of your headwear.


Wearing a balaclava during really chilly days out can help keep your face toasty in the middle of biting cold. Problem is, you’ll need to remove the lower half of the mask any time you need to use your mouth, exposing your neck and the back of your head to the mercy of the elements. The Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava changes that.

Unlike traditional balaclavas, it comes with a removable face mask, so you can free up your mouth without having to mess with the rest of the headwear. Any time you need to take a sip of that hot coffee, flash a smile at a cute girl at the lodge, or use your mouth for whatever reason, this thing lets you do that quickly and easily.


The Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava comes with a contoured Neofleece mask for comfort, complete with holes on the mouth so people can understand what you’re saying even when walking through the middle of a snowstorm. Magnets on the seams allow you to snap the mask on and off in a pinch, with a four-way stretch material ensuring the whole thing feels comfortable even when worn under the helmet, ensuring you can wear it while streaking down the slope on a ski resort without any effect on your performance.

Available in three sizes, the Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava is priced at $39.45.

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