Nemo Moonlander Camp Table Nemo's camp table collapses to fit the laptop pouch on your backpack, all while deploying in two different tabletop heights.

There’s no shortage of compact camp tables that you can take when backpacking, allowing you to enjoy a functional tabletop for food prep, tool repairs, and other chores that come up in the wild. The Nemo Moonlander offers the same thing while being just a tad more versatile.

Unlike traditional camp tables, this folding table can stand at two different heights. Stood low, the table makes a perfect side table next to a beach chair or a recliner, as well as picnic table when you’re sitting on a blanket laid out on the ground. Stood high, it gives you a taller side table ideal for use with camp chairs, apart from letting you do a variety of tasks, whether sitting or standing. And yes, it’s stable in both heights, ensuring you get a proper table surface for whatever need comes up.

The Nemo Moonlander is a folding camp table with two sets of legs. The first set is short and elevates it a mere four inches off the ground (picnic level), all while folding conveniently under the tabletop when not in use. The second set of legs, on the other hand, consist of four poles that slot flush into a quartet of leg openings under the tabletop during use, elevating it to a height of 16 inches. When not in use, the legs can be detached, folded, and stashed at a center compartment under the tabletop, so everything packs nicely into the same place.

The tabletop itself has a hinged center section that allows you to fold the whole thing into half once the legs are neatly tucked underneath. This allows it to collapse into a size measuring 14.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 inches (width x length x thickness), making it compact enough to fit in the laptop compartment of most backpacks. That’s right, it’s a camp table you can carry comfortably inside your pack. According to the outfit, deploying and collapsing the chair are highly intuitive, so you should be able to use it seamlessly right off the bat.

The Nemo Moonlander has a tabletop made from heat stabilized nylon that, the outfit claims, should be durable enough to withstand the elements while cleaning easily with a simple wipe down, with the poles and hinges cut in aluminum to ensure lightweight yet sturdy performance. To ensure it can support enough weight, the center split uses overmolded hinges, ensuring it won’t accidentally fold in when you put a bit too much gear on top, with the whole thing able to support up to 100 pounds of load, so you can even put your cooler on top. The tabletop, by the way, measures 19 x 15 inches, so it should be able to accommodate a reasonably generous amount of stuff.

Do note, the outfit cautions against using it to hold a camp stove as the tabletop isn’t rated to handle the kind of temperatures it will be subjected to in that situation. More likely than not, though, you can probably put a protective layer on top (like a wooden board) if you need to use it as a cooking surface, so you don’t end up leaving it with an ugly burn mark.

The Nemo Moonlander comes with a padded case for storing when collapsed. It’s available now, priced at $149.95.

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