Outlier Injected Linen Pants Yes, it looks like jeans, but these trousers are actually cut in summer-grade linen, ensuring it keeps you cool through the hotter days of the year.


We’ve seen a lot of takes on men’s linen pants. Most of them are perfect for the beach. Some of them would even look good in the city. However, we’ve never seen one done up in black and with a look that almost seems to mimic jeans, which is exactly what Outlier brings with their Injected Linen Pants.

That’s because it’s not entirely linen. Instead, it’s “injected linen,” which, in this case, is actually warp knit polyester (41 percent) that’s given a weft injection of linen (59 percent), turning out a fabric with a structure that’s opaque yet open. In case you’re not sure what that means, they, basically, added a yarn of linen across the horizontal of the polyester knit to create the unusual-looking material.


Because it’s still primarily linen, the Outlier Injected Linen Pants is super-lightweight, all while being stronger and more resilient than conventional linen pants due to the polyester material. More importantly, it feels open and very breathable, so it’s going to keep your lower body cool, despite being covered in a darker hue.  And, yes, it dries fast similar to your linen shirts, making it suitable for wearing on whatever beach you decide to spend your vacation leave this season.


Features include a gusseted crotch for comfortable mobility, a pair of welt pockets in the back with mesh pocketing, and custom Italian Mombasa poly slot button. It comes with a relaxed and tapered cut, along with a 30-inch inseam for perfectly integrating into your beach wardrobe.

The Outlier Injected Linen Pants are priced at $165.