Nomad Wallet Charges Your iPhone Nomad makes the wallet even more indispensable by integrating a 2,400mAh battery that you can use to charge a dead iPhone 6S back to 100 percent.


Along with a phone and a set of keys, the wallet is one of the most indispensable parts of every man’s EDC gear. Which is why making it even more useful should be of prominent importance. The Nomad Wallet does just that by integrating a battery right along its leather frame, allowing you to plug in a dead iPhone and restore it to a full 100 percent charge.

That’s right, someone actually figured out how to integrate a battery into a wallet without making it uncomfortably thick or large. Even better, that battery is so dense, it’s able to pack in enough to charge to replenish an iPhone 6S from zero to full, giving your smartphone twice the mileage without having to run around town, trying to find an available power outlet.


The Nomad Wallet measures 95 x 125 x 25 mm (h x w x d), barely making it any larger than traditional billfolds, all while having a full-sized pocket for your cash (it can fit the unusually-large €500 bill) and six separate card slots. It accommodates a 2,400mAh battery by leaving some room in the spine, where it sits housed inside a semi-cylindrical aluminum enclosure. Even better, it comes with a pocket right at the fold that holds a 3.5-inch long Lightning cable that you can pull out whenever you need to replenish the dwindling bars on your phone’s battery. It’s even constructed from black saffiano leather, making for a good-looking accessory to keep in your back pocket.


Slated for availability Monday, the Nomad Wallet is priced at $79.99.