Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger Add a musical soundtrack to your hammering, sawing, and brick-laying tasks using this jobsite-ready Bluetooth speaker.

While we don’t consider them tools, Bluetooth speakers are an indispensable part of many job sites. You can only listen to so many hammers clanking, saws ripping, and blunt objects smashing into large surfaces before wanting to listen to something else, after all. And if you’re going to crank out tunes in the job site, it needs to something that’s built to withstand the rigors of the setting. That’s exactly what you get with the Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger.

A Bluetooth speaker with AM/FM radio, it gives you functional audio gear that’s built with the same reinforcements as the tools you carry in the toolbox. That way, you can expose it to dust, vibrations, and all the other hazards of the job site without worrying about breaking the darn thing, allowing you to enjoy some entertainment while you spend the day laying bricks, installing drywall, or doing any kind of handyman task.

The Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger is a Bluetooth speaker with a driver and tweeter combo that, the outfit claims, will deliver “clear mids and highs.” Yeah, we have no idea how it sounds based on that, either, but we imagine sound quality shouldn’t be that far off from the current generation of mobile speakers in the market. There’s no mention of a “booming bass” anywhere, by the way, so we guess the sound profile is more old school instead of being bass-centric the way kids today seem to prefer. Anyway, it should be pair with any Bluetooth audio source so you can easily stream music to the speaker from your phone.

Unlike your typical mobile speaker, this one’s designed specifically for the job site. As such, it gets IP54 rating for adequate protection against water splashes and dust, although there’s no listing on how well it handles vibration and impact. We’re hoping there’s reinforcement there, of course, since it will likely some of those on occasion. They also threw in a self-centering keyhole in the back, so you can hang it on hooks and random nails sticking out of any surface, making it easy to mount away from work surfaces, whether you’re in a job site or in your own home workshop.

The Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger has an AM/FM tuner, complete with 10 presets, so it will be easy to bring up your favorite radio stations, as well as EQ customization for adjusting the treble and bass on the fly. It uses the outfit’s M12 CP 2.0 Battery, which is rated to give it 10 hours of playback, so you should be able to keep it playing music through the duration of an entire workday, while a built-in USB slot lets you charge your mobile phone from the integrated battery, just in case you run out of juice before the day is over. They also threw in a carry handle to make it easy to move from one spots on the work site to another.

Want one? The Milwaukee M12 Radio + Charger is available now, priced at $119.

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