Mastercraft XT23 Crossover Powerboat With seating up to 16 people and 112 cubic feet of storage room, Mastercraft's newest powerboat can turn every summer adventure into a veritable party.


Like many powerboats, you can use the Mastercraft XT23 to take joyrides in the water.  You can also use it to create large wakes for waterskiing, wake surfing, and other tow-based sports. Unlike them, the darn thing can fit a whopping 16 people and all their gear, so you can bring out an entire party to join you in the water.

A multi-sport powerboat, it’s designed to accommodate a variety of water sports, so you can use it to create the exact size and shape of wakes necessary for your summer activity of choice. Whether you’re want to tow your friends on tubes, drag them on wakeboards, or do some newfangled type of watersport you dreamed up while tripping on acid, this thing can be easily set to provide the necessary wake with just a few button pushes.


The Mastercraft XT23 manages that courtesy of the outfit’s award-winning Gen 2 Surf System and 2,600 pounds of built-in ballast, with the actual drive powered by a selection of Ilmor engines (two multi-port injection and two direct injection). A spacious lounge, along with a convertible section, provides comfortable seating for up to 16 folks aboard the boat. It also throws in plenty of storage, too, with 112 cubic feet of compartment space, along with your choice of two storage towers for keeping wakeboards, tubes, and other equipment out of the way.


Features include a vector drive hull, a new flanking system that helps it easily maneuver around tight spots, an oversized sunpad, rotocast seats, and a digital dashboard system. It measures 23.33 x 8.5 feet (l x w) and weighs 5,000 pounds.


Available now, pricing for the Mastercraft XT23 starts at $101,190.