Make Summer More Relaxing With The Best Beach Chairs Spending summers at the beach? Fun. Having to sit on wet towels and hot sand? Not so much. These relaxing beach chairs got you covered.

Yes, you can lay down a beach towel on the sand and sit there for a brief reprieve from all the summertime action. You have to admit, though, plopping down on a proper chair where you’ll able to stretch your legs a bit just feels a whole lot better. If you’re bringing a bunch of gear to the beach anyway, might as well throw in a good beach chair in there.

Here are some of our favorites.

Rio Beach 4-Position Backpack Chair

Like many beach chairs, it collapses into a backpack form factor, allowing you to strap it over both shoulders while you find your spot in the sand. It’s lightweight, too, at just eight pounds (a cool seven to 10 pounds lighter than others), so you can walk a good distance without this thing weighing you down.

Once unfolded, it gives you a comfortable chair that can handle occupants up to 240 pounds, with a very flexible suspension design that’s better able to conform to your body’s shape than most standard backrests. Even better, it comes with a four-position recline that lets you adjust your seating angle to a more laid-back position for really soaking in that warm summer air. Plus they throw in a few niceties in there, such as a cup holder, an adjustable pillow, and a storage pouch around back for stashing a bunch of supplies.

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Tommy Bahama Five-Position Backpack Beach Chair

This has similarities to the previous chair, such as a backpack form factor, a rust-proof aluminum frame, and a very light weight at just seven pounds. While it doesn’t integrate that chair’s flexible backrest suspension, it does provide enough support to keep you comfortable through long periods of sitting.

It also does better in other regards. The arms, for instance, are made of wood, so they feel sturdier and much more pleasant than plastic, all while being able to recline in five different positions, including a perfectly flat position when you want to tan your back or something. It also gets an insulated cup holder on the right side and an insulated cooler pouch in the back, allowing you to take a couple drinks out of that Yeti in the car and just bring this to the sand instead. There’s even a mesh pocket for holding wet stuff like towels and wetsuits, so it’s a great all-around beach accessory.

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Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

Want a proper chair that will support your entire body while you lounge around on the beach? Pick up this full recliner instead, which supports your frame from head to foot using a three-position reclining mechanism. Even better, it has an integrated three-way swiveling umbrella that gives you shade from the scorching summer sun, which can be folded down on the chair if you actually want the sun to give you a nice tan for a change. There’s a built-in cup holder and storage pockets, of course, for stashing in various items, as well as an insulated pocket that can hold up to four drinks at a time. Construction is all steel, by the way, allowing it to support weights of up to 250 pounds.

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GCI Waterside Beach Rocker

Want to enjoy some rocking chair action while you soak in the sun at the beach? Take this beach rocker to your next outing, which uses a patent-pending spring-action system that enables continuous rocking motion on both flat and uneven surfaces. That’s right, you can sit by the waterside while smoothly rocking forward and backwards, potentially making it more relaxing than those other boring chairs that just sit still. On top of that, it’s quite a comfy chair, too, with a mesh back panel to keep you cool while you plop down, padded arm rests, and even a cup holder. Despite the extra mechanism required by the rocking movement, it manages to stay light, too, coming in at just 10.8 pounds, while supporting individuals up to 250 pounds.

Buy Now – $84

Coleman Oversized Quad Folding Chair

Not a fan of the low seat height of traditional beach chairs? Maybe, you’ll prefer a rugged camp-style chair instead. This Coleman folding chair should be perfect for your beach adventures, with its tall seat height, oversized seat, and adjustable arm height. On top of letting you plop down in a tall and roomy seat, it gets ample padding on the seat and backrest for even greater comfort. An insulated pouch on one side allows you to keep up to four cans of beverage chilled, while a mesh cup holder gives you a place for your drink and a program holder lets you carry books, magazines, and tablets to the sand. It can support weights of up to 10 pounds.

Buy Now – $89.95

Renetto Original Beach Bum Canopy Chair

A beach chair is cool and all, but it doesn’t really help when you want to rest your legs while also getting a respite from the smoldering sun. That’s where this chair comes in, with its integrated canopy putting a roof over your head, allowing you to lean back and enjoy a cold one while resting comfortably in the shade. It’s a really comfortable chair, too, with a head rest pillow, a cool mesh material, and really good all-around support, complete with the option to simply flip the canopy backwards if you want to soak in some sunlight. There’s also a requisite cup holder because… what else will you do in the beach but sip on some cold suds? On the downside, it folds up bigger and heavier than a regular beach chair, so you probably won’t enjoy dragging this around the beach quite as much.

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