Camelbak Horizon 25oz Wine Bottle A part of the outfit's new Horizon line of outdoor drinkware, this container can hold a full bottle of wine and keep it chilled for 36 hours.

Chances are, you know Camelbak for the reusable water bottles that they’ve been producing over the last three decades. Yeah, they’ve been around. But what if you prefer bringing wine to the outdoors instead of water for refreshment? Sure, you can put them in the same vacuum-insulated water bottle you’ve been using all this time or you can get the Camelbak Horizon 25oz Wine Bottle.

Designed to hold the contents of a 750ml wine bottle, the vacuum-insulated container lets you bring your favorite red wine, white wine, or whatever other fermented alcoholic beverage you enjoy bringing to your outdoor adventures. Why not just pack the wine bottles instead of transferring them? Because the outdoors can subject you to serious roughhousing, increasing the chances you’ll end up breaking your glass bottles and wasting erstwhile perfectly good refreshment.

The Camelbak Horizon 25oz Wine Bottle is a double-wall vacuum-insulated bottle that’s perfectly sized to hold an entire bottle of wine, with a wide opening on top that allows you to easily pour beverage contents straight from its bottle without any waste. The insulated construction allows it to keep cold drinks chilled for up to 35 hours, so you can still enjoy that red wine at satisfyingly low temperatures even after a day of being on the road. While designed for wine, you can use it to hold, pretty much, any cold drink you want, from spirits and ales to sodas and energy drinks.

Of course, the bottle can be used for hot drinks, too, so you can fill it with hot coffee, tea, or that hot soup that makes you feel really good when slumming it in the wild. When filled with hot drinks, the insulation will keep the beverage warm for up to 25 hours, making it a great place to put that coffee you brew every morning to fuel you for the rest of the day.

The Camelbak Horizon 25oz Wine Bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel, so it should hold up durably to the roughhousing it’s bound to encounter, whether you’re hiking up a trail, motorcycling in the forest, or relaxing with your friends at camp. It even gets a powder-coated finish, so you don’t get to taste the steel at any point, ensuring your drink tastes like it’s supposed to, instead of tasting like you’re licking metal with every sip. To round things out, it gets a silicone base that ensures soft landing every time you set it down on a surface, apart from keeping the bottle from slipping, no matter how wet the table gets. Dimensions are 11.5 x 3 inches (height x diameter).

This wine bottle, by the way, is part of the outfit’s new Horizon line, which brings a collection of reusable drinkware designed for outdoor use. Yes, it’s similar to Yeti’s Rambler series, so they also make camp mugs, wine cups, and other drinking vessels of various sizes and styles.

Want one? The Camelbak Horizon 25oz Wine is available in three colors, priced at $35.

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